Friday, January 21, 2005

Me, Myself, and You

I am Earl Fando. I am one of the contributors to The Dictionary of Unfortunate Ideas. This is my personal blog. I don't normally write in such a terse style. I'm in a bit of a hurry.

OK - I have a bit more time now. I've already introduced myself on "DOUI" so I'll refer you to there for whatever fictional information you want on me. At some point I will set up my personal profile in Blogger, although I am generally loath to do so as I feel that such things are bizarre electronic dating schemes and there already is a Mrs. Fando. In any case, at that point I'll offer a little more information about myself, most of which will be inaccurate. Inaccurate is a word in comedy that means "made up for laughs". Some may find such information actually funny ("Fando thinks that 'Inna Gotta Da Vida' is a pasta dish?"). Others may find it slightly disturbing ("Fando enjoys salt baths?"). I'm hoping to find some uncomfortable middle ground.

This is the site I'll use to post more lengthy pieces, including excerpts and even entire articles that I've written but haven't been in print. Eventually, as the members of DOUI get set up I plan to link back to each individual's personal blog from the main DOUI blog, but the Dictionary is where most of the action will be. No, I don't mean that kind of action President Clinton. That kind of action is over on Stew's personal blog. (Note to myself: Avoid correspondence with Stew for the next few days.)

Cheers and happy blogging. I am Earl Fando.

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